Various Types Of Shelving Units

Shelving units are very practical since it provide a significant amount of storage space. Simply by adding a few wall shelving units in your house, you could make your room more spacious as well as clutter-free. Using these shelves, you will be able to organize everything in your house and be able to manage things easily. These are just some of the reasons why these shelving units are a worthy investment.


Types of Shelving According to Its Purpose

There are numerous types of shelving units based on the design and the place you want to install them. Here are some of them.

  • Adjustable wire shelving and industrial wire shelving are ideal for grocery stores.
  • Pallet types are used for factories and warehouses.
  • Heavy duty shelving is also used for factories and warehouses but it is more durable.
  • Garage wall shelving allows you to store a lot of things in limited spaces making you work smoothly with all the required tools organized within your reach.

Types of Shelving According to the Materials Used

While choosing shelving units, it is not just necessary to keep the purpose in mind but also the material used in making such units. Here are the commonly used materials.

  • Wood Shelving Units: Wood is the most common used material. There are different styles and designs to choose from ranging from classic, vintage to modern styles depending on how flexible your budget is. Wood is easily available, very durable and long lasting.
  • Metal Shelving Units: These units have that touch of elegance along with durability and strength. They are ideal if you want the shelving units to store heavy loads for you. Hence, these are perfect for offices where you have to store boxes and a lot of other stuffs.

  • Chrome Wire Shelving Units: Chrome units are easy to use and are inexpensive. Hence, you can choose these if you have a tight budget. You can also go for a custom design without having to worry about spending too much.
  • Glass Shelving Units: These are the most elegant of all the shelving units. They are also quite expensive. Floating glass shelves are the mostly preferred units since they can add a lot of class and sophistication to your house. You can use these units to display flower vases and/or awards. Such shelving will look best in the living room.

Other materials include plastic which is not usually preferred and acrylic which is also very expensive but elegant. Depending on how much you are willing to spend and your preference, you can pick from the aforementioned types. Create more storage spaces now by installing shelving units.