Interior Design Improvements With Decorative Shelving

In today’s modern world, it is very advisable for every home owner to adorn their wonderful home with very decorative shelving units, especially the floating glass shelves. The main advantage of these breathtaking shelves is that they can easily compliment with any type of home interior décor.

Understanding Glass Shelves

Apart from adding elegance and timeless beauty, Floating glass shelves come with other countless benefits when installed in your home or office. They can be easily assembled and mounted on any type of wall as compared to other regular shelves. Among other uses, you can also choose to use these unique shelves either for functional storage or for practical display of your cherished collectibles and books. They are normally designed with large glass surfaces that are strong enough to hold a lot of items without getting broken.

Before purchasing any type of floating glass shelves, it is very important for you to first of all think deeply and understand the needs of your home. You should always keep in mind that all types of decorative shelving units need enough space in order for them to be mounted perfectly on any type of wall.

Common Types Of Decorative Shelving

The choice of color is also of equal importance when going for these glass shelves. You need to choose a beautiful color that blends well with either the interior or exterior of your walls so that they can create substantial amount of magnificence to your treasured home. Some of the most modern types of these elegant Shelves that are available in the stores today include:

  • Spancraft Glass Floating Grey Dove Shelf Bracket Finish

This is one of the most outstanding Decorative Shelving units that provide your home with the most desired fresh and sparkling look. You can conveniently use it in your bathroom, living room and even in the kitchen. It allows you to store your items in style.

Features: Measures 4.75″L by 27.5″W by 0.3125. HLT is a lucid tempered glass with a thickness of 1/3 Inches. Has 2 Shelf Clips. Accommodates a Load Capacity of up to 55 Pounds. Rustproof Clear Glass. Construction Available in brass, chrome and brushed steel finish

  • Dole Shelving Floating Glass Shelf – Convex Only (Clear)

This convex-shaped Decorative Shelving glass unit is artistically designed in order to provide you with very practical shelving. Even though you can use in any room, it can be a very perfect shelving option in your bathroom.

Features: Has a dimension of 0.31″H by 24″W by 8″LConvex in Shape. Clear Tempered Glass. Fitted with Metal Rail Supports. Lustrous Silver Finish. Weighs 7 Pounds

  • Pelican Corner Glass Shelf

These decorative shelving units are some of the finest quality. Their triangular nature makes them very suitable for any corner application in any of your rooms.

Features: Has a dimension of 0.375″H by 12.0″W by 12.0″L. Made of very clear 3/8-Inch Tempered glass. Accommodates a maximum weight capacity of up to 55 Pounds

Apart from being affordable, all the different types and designs of floating glass Shelves are very attractive and durable. They are the best types of decorative shelving units that you should not miss to place in your home.