Interior Design Ideas: Creative Storage

If you are tired of a disorganized home or room then creative storage is definitely the way to go. It is true that storage is about safety but it is also about creating an environment of order in what may be limited space. Proper storage must ensure that your belongings are well organized and totally safe.

Discovering New Ideas For Storage

 There are many creative ways of storing your stuff and the following are just but a few.

  • Under Stairs Storage

This has proved to be one of the most creative storage methods available today. These are lockers and drawers which are located under the stairway. That means you use the stairs to go upstairs while under the stairs you have storage space. To make life easy for everyone in the house, the way to open these drawers is made so simple that even children can access their toys with no problems. This type of creative storage is extremely convenient in that the material used is wood and it is not hard to maintain.

  • Dream Hanging Shelves

This type of shelf is good for people who love class, uniqueness and rareness. It is a unique piece which allows the owner to arrange their belongings especially books as they please. Since these shelves are not very big, they are placed just above your bed to save you from leaving it to pick a book or other things which you like using while on bed. They are made of a mixture of wood and fiberglass and are among the best creative storage in the market today.

  • Face Shelves

The reason why they are called face shelves is that they make a certain facial expressions when you store your things on them. If you arrange books at the top, the picture which comes is that of a person with hair on their head. If you arrange books on the bottom shelf it takes the face of a smiling person. Face shelves are made of wood and you can paint your choice of color on them. Depending on how the wood has been placed, a different facial expression will be portrayed when you arrange your books. Many people have loved and ranked them among the best creative storage.

  • Wha Storage Cabinets

This is a cabinet in a class of its own in that it is both a light and a cabinet. It is formed in a question-mark shape with shelves to put your book sand is made of wood. The shelves have light at the back and for that reason you do not need to light your room in order to pick something from the cabinet. This type of cabinet is suitable for people who not only love quality but creative storage as well.

  • Glass Shelves

Floating glass shelves are mostly used by home owners who love sophistication and elegance. They are attached to the wall using bolts which ensure that they are stable and safe. Since they are transparent, floating glass shelves allow the owner to see and pick what they need with no hustles. The optical illusion, because of its transparency, is so unique that the objects being arranged looks like floating in mid-air.

Interior designing can be a tough act to pull off if you are limited with ideas or you are not properly aware. However, if you are a wide imagination together with a knack for practicality, when you combine them together you are able to produce great ideas that will definitely improve the interior aesthetics of a room.